our Journey

our story

A few years ago 2 best friends threw a pool party in their back garden, little did they know it would turn into what it is today..
Fast forward a few years and ZENfest has built itself into one of the most exciting and unique up and coming festivals in the UK. Centred around customer experience, a passion for music and all round incredible vibes, the team at ZENfest have made it our mission to create a truly once in a lifetime experience for our customers.
The past few years has seen a journey of growth and discovery, we’ve hosted some of the best DJ talent in the world, listened to some of the best music & experienced some truly magical moments. Now at our new home in the stunning landscapes of Kelvedon Hall, we look towards another year of unforgettable moments.. as we welcome you to ZENfest 2022!
Are you ready to join us on our journey?